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August 11, 2011

During the summer, and even during the school year, there are often fun, random things going on at work, which makes being here so much more fun. =)

Yesterday the Sprinklesmobile came with cupcakes and we all took a nice long break out on the lawn. A few posts ago I confessed to never having tried cake pops before, and now I will confess that this was my first Sprinkles cupcake. I am not the hugest cake/cupcakes fan, to be honest, and so would never have thought to go out of my way to go hunt down cupcakes. (I’m more of a FroYo or gelato fan if I am going to eat sweets nowadays) But since cupcakes were coming to me, I was all for it. Especially since it meant getting away from my desk again.  =)

So we wandered down to the lawn and since I had been told to try the Key Lime cupcake, that’s what I requested. A few of my coworkers agreed that that sounded good so they ordered them too.

I’m a fan of citrusy baked goods so I was excited to try this cupcake. But when I put the fork into it (a wooden fork at that!), I was disappointed to see that the inside, just like the outside, was a white-ish cream color. No green? For me, it’s all about presentation and I don’t care if it’s dyed green, key-lime needs to be green, ha. Or at least greenish. I am sure if it had been green inside it would have tasted more limey to me. We all agreed that it definitely needed more lime zest.  Even if it wasn’t going to be green, it needed more lime flavor. We were a bit disappointed. But free is free so I can’t complain.

Now I can say I have tried a Sprinkles cupcake, and now I know that there is no real need to go hunt down any more Sprinkles cupcakes. I had been hoping I’d fall madly in love with cupcakes, I really had. I was hoping to be impressed. But I wasn’t. =(Maybe my cupcake standards are too high. Ha. Oh well, I’ll take my Piccomolo gelato any day over a cupcake. =) Speaking of which, it’s one MONTH until Italy!!!! When I can eat real gelato every day.

* Happy sigh *

*I would also like to point out the very obvious fact that I remembered to bring my camera for this event. That is noteworthy, friends!

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