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Been busy

July 15, 2011

This past week has been pretty busy so the blog has definitely taken a back seat. Between getting back to work and getting caught up on all of that and finishing up everything for the fiscal year that just ended, shopping for our India trip, packing, etc, my mind has seriously been a million miles away. Or at least 8600 miles away.

Last night I bought 7+ pounds of candy to take to India! Along with lots of other needed things like Germ-x and beef jerky (for those days where I’m not really feeling the curry so much anymore…Did I mention that I still, 7 months later, can’t eat falafel? We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant for work the other day and the smell of the falafel almost made me sick). I feel almost ready for the trip now! =) This weekend will be busy, but I am so thankful that at least in July we get half days at work on Fridays. So I get paid for the whole day, but get to leave at noon. The extra hours today will be a huge blessing so I can get some more trip stuff done before taking my mom to a Broadway musical tonight.

Anyways….so I will be back to blogging in a few weeks – after the trip. If I get a chance to update while in India, I will. But I am not planning on it.

Keep us in your prayers! Thanks!

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