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Cool clouds

July 10, 2011

The other day there was a neat, thick band of clouds in the sky. My brother called to tell me he thought it would be a nice sunset, so I headed up Sunflower Ave to see if I could get any good pics. Sunflower isn’t the greatest location to try and get sunset pictures, since at this time of year the sun is setting behind the mountains and since the mountains block my view from where I park, I can’t really see it. But I could see the long band of clouds across the sky. As I waited for sunset, I snapped a few pictures of this and that, since there’s nothing else to do up there. =) And there’s nothing to photograph except sunflowers and chain link fences:

These next two pictures remind me of the new Lytro camera functionality =)

It didn’t end up being as spectacular a sunset as it could have been, but once I drove down the hill, I could see the clouds lit up by the sun, which was pretty.

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