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July 1, 2011

From time to time I will head over to Travel Blog to peruse random people’s vacations. Usually I do it to check out a region I am going to ahead of time. It’s fun and often informative to read other’s experiences about that location before I go. I have learned lots of useful tips and it’s so nice to be somewhat prepared before you go! I just click the country on the map and it brings up all the blogs people have written about that country. So much fun!

Anyways, the other day I was looking up India. Again. And came across a blog that a missions team from the US had created to keep their families back home updated on how their trip was going. I am not sure what kind of church this team was from, but I came across this statement below:

“So far, on our trip we’ve met some amazing people whose love and personal sacrifice for the gospel has been inspiring. Their level of struggle and persecution is far beyond anything I could’ve imagined…..this happens prior to baptism. Therefore, after baptism their foundation is much stronger than someone who hasn’t experienced the same level of intense persecution.”


I am so excited to be going, I can’t wait! I am really, really praying that this trip is so life-changing for our teens. For all of us. And I know many others are praying as well.

Please, please add us to your prayer list, if you haven’t already. 17 days till we go!

Muchas gracias! (cuz I don’t know how to say that in Hindi. Or any other Indian language for that matter =)  )

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