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Where I’d go Wednesday

June 29, 2011

The Lakshadweep/ Laccadive Islands

Apparently the newest name of these islands is “Lakshadweep” but you will still see them called the “Laccadive Islands” all over the place (my world map still shows as Laccadive). These islands belong to India, and are off the western coast of India, but they used to belong to the Maldives. (In fact looking up pictures of the Laccadive islands will bring up lots of photos of the Maldives as well) These islands are actually the tops of a vast underwater mountain range =)

There is nothing more relaxing and surreal than being on a secluded, peaceful, tropical beach. There are days when I want so badly just to be on one. I’ve only been to a couple, but I so much want to go back!

I really had no idea just how many islands there are in the world until I put up my huge wall map. There are tiny islands all over the place. I’d never heard of most of them! What a huge, beautiful world we live in!

This one looks just like the Maldives to me, but apparently it's not.

Haha an intersection on one of the islands. Awww I miss beautiful scenery like this!

Sunset on one of the islands

Whirlpool at one of the islands

Look at this resort! Surrounded by water...

Maybe I need to stop posting these, it’s making me really, really, really want to be on an island right now!! =(

Photos all accessed via Google Images

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