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Where I’d go Wednesday

June 8, 2011


There is so much I’d love to see in Turkey! And I’m so excited that I get a chance to experience a tiny bit of it in September! (We’ll be cruising the Greek isles for a few days and stopping at Kusadasi, with a chance to go over to Ephesus.)

A few of the places I’d love to visit:

1. Cappadocia (1 Pet 1:1, Acts 2:9, etc)

2. Pamukkale (which means “cotton castle” – how cool is that?)

Hot springs and calcium pools

3. Ephesus – (Book of Ephesians was written to Christians in Ephesus )

Ancient library at Ephesus

All photos accessed via Google Images

4. Kaymakl – home to persecuted Christians during Roman times.

5. And of course Antakya (modern name for Antioch). Not so much for aesthetic reasons, but because it’s  where Christ’s followers were first called “Christians” and would be so cool to see!

If you could go ANYWHERE? Where would you go?

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