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Gettin’ my India groove on =)

May 26, 2011

I am sooo looking forward to our next missions trip – India in July. (I know, can you pick a WORSE time to go, right? Doesn’t everyone visit India in monsoon season? Ha. It will be an ADVENTURE I’m sure and I can’t wait.)

My coworker and my Canadian student worker have both been to India with YWAM and are full of horror stories helpful tidbits like: “BRING BUG SPRAY. I NEVER get bit normally but I came back from India with SCARS from all the mosquito bites.”

Bug spray, check.

And: “Bring Malaria pills.” Oh yikes, ok, that sounds like a good idea.

And: “You might want to get some shots.” (Yeah so I headed over to which is a very handy website if you want to be freaked out  well informed before you travel somewhere abroad, and picked up this helpful tip: Monkey bites have occurred and can transmit rabies and herpes B among other diseases to human victims. Avoid feeding monkeys. 

Note to self: DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS. And also, try not to pick up tuberculosis while you are there. Or malaria. Or…Delhi Belly. Eeeeewww…I was pretty much told this is unavoidable. Well….even if I have to lug a whole case of Aquafina over there I will do  my gut level best to stay away from the water, the ice, the anything that could possibly have creepy crawlies in it. And I won’t brush my teeth either. (KIDDING!)

Found this tidbit on that website as well: Travel by road in India is dangerous. India leads the world in traffic-related deaths. Well I am sure it can’t be much worse than Egypt.

Okay, so the POINT of this post was NOT to talk about any of this. I get way too sidetracked way too easily.

The point was to say that my coworker let me borrow one of her salwar kameez for the trip and I am super excited. I already feel Indian! (Actually, I really just felt like I was ready for bed. The thing looks/feels like a nightgown! But it’s SUPER comfy. I wanted to parade around town in it.  – I wonder what people would think if I just wore it to the grocery store?  I’m pretty sure I am bringing back a bunch of these from India and trying to start a new fad in California.)

Anyways…the only uncomfortable thing was if you lean forward the scarf thingamajig (I don’t remember what it’s called) falls off. So no bending over. Guess that means I can’t do the dishes. Or pull weeds. Or scrub toilets.  I’m pretty sure you can still sit quite comfortably and get a manicure though (I think I’m starting to realize the importance of these outfits. Those Indian women are SMART!!! ) I do think I need to get one made with ties in back though, because it kind of feels like you are wearing a tent otherwise. I don’t think I can walk around all week holding it back like I did for the pictures. Or maybe this one is just too big? Hmmm….I still can’t wait to wear it though! It will feel like getting to wear pajamas all day. How cool is that? Not to mention I think they are just beautiful.

And now, a few tips on how to take AWESOME pictures!

One: pick a really great backdrop. Your bathroom should do. Don’t bother looking in the mirror. .

What? Isn't everyone always telling you "LOOK AT THE CAMERA"???

Or smiling:

And when you do finally manage to look in the mirror AND smile, make sure the camera is tilted at an angle, like so:


(Although, if you can’t perfect that technique, there’s always the good ol’ timer standby:)

What? You think my red hair makes me not look Indian? Or my white skin? Sigh.

India is still two months away and I’ll be posting about it more before we go, but I just had to share my excitement over this salwar kameez!

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  1. May 26, 2011 4:21 pm

    Those really do look comfy, and pretty too! I wouldn’t mind a nice loose fad like that, imagine how much less we would all worry about calories? lol

    • jenmarie33 permalink*
      May 27, 2011 7:40 am

      Oh haha that’s true! =)

  2. May 27, 2011 10:58 am

    You look cute! I think i want one! And I totally agree with Aleassa. Hides all those “imperfections.” 🙂

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