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Where I’d go Wednesday

May 25, 2011

San Marino

The country of San Marino is one of three country enclaves in the world.

Can you name the other two?*

An enclave would be a country whose boundaries fall completely within one other country. (ie. Swaziland would not be considered an enclave since half borders SA and half borders Mozambique:)

Larger circle shows Lesotho in SA. Smaller circle shows Swaziland.

San Marino circled. Don't you just love my mad circling skills? I know, it looks more like a strawberry.

Anyways…I want to visit San Marino because:

  1. It’s such a tiny country and would just be cool (and ranks up there with Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, etc, on the ‘tiny, but cool’ country index) San Marino’s population is about 31,000. And it would be so cool to visit a country smaller than San Dimas!
  2. It would mean I get to go to Italy and I love Italy

Photos taken from Google Images

San Marino traces its founding back to 301 and is the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Its economy relies mainly on tourism, so of course we need to do our part, right? Must keep this tiny, wealthy country going. Ha.

I was sad when I realized that on our way from Venice down to Ancona to catch the ferry over to Greece, we will literally be passing RIGHT by San Marino. Boo. I’d say if I was driving we’d make a detour, but probably if I was driving, we’d end up getting lost.  (I could probably get us lost even IF the signs weren’t in Italian so…) So either way I am missing out on San Marino. For now.

*Vatican City in Italy and Lesotho in South Africa.

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