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Where in the world is Jen?

April 4, 2011

Jen is HERE! Finally. (She wishes she was in the UK, but she is here) It’s been a busy, busy last several days! Playing mom to 7 guys is lots of work and I am ready for the real mom to come home soon! =) Normally we share the cooking, dishes, etc, so it’s not like I am not used to cooking for a huge crew, but having to do it ALL every day is definitely a full time job. On top of the other full time job (the one that pays in cash!) A few more days and all will be back to “normal.”  This week is going to be crazy (partly due to deciding to go down to San Diego to catch a midweek game vs the Giants – which messes up the work schedule a bit…) But then I will celebrate the fact that I survived the past 8 days by going and hanging out with my girlfriends in New York next weekend! No cooking, no cleaning, only fun shopping, and only GIRLS! Sounds wonderful.

So…last month I had a birthday (I tried to avoid it, but it wasn’t possible. Sigh.) and I got the best birthday gift ever and I have been meaning to show you ! A huge world map for my wall!  Love, love, love it. Seriously. Just looking at it makes me happy. Thanks, James! =)

(Vacation photos waiting to be hung)


Now it's easier than ever to plot all my getaways 😉 (I love how the map is labled "the world" in case you weren't sure what you were looking at!)



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