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Thank you, Mr. President(s)

February 17, 2011

There is nothing I like better than being able to stay up till 2 AM getting things accomplished; books read, laundry done, room cleaned, and hey, blogging too! So tonight I am basking in this very-rarely-indulged-in treat! Seriously, getting up at 6:30 every morning is a chore for me. I am not a morning person. At all. But for some reason they expect me to show up at work and therefore getting up at 6:30 does not allow me to stay up till 2 AM the night before. Another thing I am not: someone who can run on 4 hours of sleep. HOW anyone can do that is beyond me. Neither my brain nor my body functions well with less than 8 hours of sleep. And they say sleep is healthy for you, so I don’t feel bad about that one bit.

I said I like to stay up till 2 AM, but that does not mean I always make much sense past 10 pm, so these “late night” blogging sessions that allow a glimpse into the world of Jen’s brain post 10 PM are usually rambling journeys over uncharted topics that usually have nothing to do one with the other. Just a warning.

Tomorrow we at the esteemed university of AP are celebrating President’s Day, hence this blog post. And I don’t have to be anywhere till 10 AM! So I’m hoping to finish up the Russian/spy/murder mystery that I am currently reading, thanks to the author, Mr. Hynd, who sent it to me. If there’s one thing I like more than staying up till 2 AM it’s allowing myself to indulge in a good book while doing so. And I’m loving the book. This book is not set in the Cold War era (which fascinates me to no end) but still all the intrigue, and murder, and suspense, and spies have me again dreaming of the day when I can visit Russia myself.  The former USSR and all things Cold War/spy related are completely fascinating to me. I think if you dropped me in a Russian/Cold War/Spy museum I could spend a week there and not even realize a day had gone by. (Provided 3 hot meals were delivered each day. Otherwise I’d definitely be clawing my way out of there. Because I adore food just as much as I do intrigue)

Anyways…Here’s a free tidbit that very few people know about me. And if you are someone who knows me and you did NOT know this about me, feel free to leave a comment and let me know, because I’m curious, but pretty sure outside of fam I only told one person.

And that would be that I once applied to the CIA to be a spy. I did. And they said it was a good idea to not tell anyone I was applying, naturally. It’s probably correct to say if the whole world knows you are trying to be a spy, you wouldn’t make a very good one. So I didn’t. Rule follower, I am. But…considering that it’s been probably almost 2 years since I applied, I think it’s safe to admit it now.

I have to be honest here. I would make a terrible spy. Terrible. And I’ll explain why later. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to be one. (The pay was an added incentive as well!) But coming back to my rule follower nature (okay, generally speaking here, folks) apparently loving all things black and white and definitively spelled out does not a good spy make. But if I’m one thing it’s honest and so I had to admit that no, I do not work well in an “ambiguous” work environment. Ha. Are you kidding me? I’d paint the office walls black and white if I could, that’s how much I love those colors. Gray? Not so much. Ambiguity is not my friend. Order, concrete ideas, spelled out rules and guidelines in which to safely plant oneself, those I love. I feel safe and comfortable when I know the lines, the boundaries, the rules. And when everything is planned out nicely in my head. Seriously, I am a planner to a fault. I always have a general two year outline in my head of what I will be doing, where I will be going, how much money I want to have saved by then (ha, somehow that never works out quite like I plan). I’m working on trying to live in the moment, being spontaneous, not planning everything out. It drives me crazy, but I’m trying to. I guess it’s part of my Type A personality. The curse of the firstborn. All of that. Or maybe I’m just OCD =)

So when plans change, all the trying to rework details so I can settle back into something concrete again, threatens to crash the hardware in my brain. It’s strange, this need to have everything settled in my brain. A ‘to do’ list that is a mile long tends to hang over my head till it’s back down to a manageable size and I know I can get it all done in a certain allotment of time. I think that’s why even though I loved school, all the papers and tests hanging over my head stressed me out. I couldn’t ever settle down and relax till everything was neatly arranged in my brain. Even if I didn’t have the papers finished, as long as I had dates when I knew I could write the papers, then I could relax. But a crazy schedule with no time to write papers and no idea when I would find the time? Stress.

So I say ALL of that to say, I’d make a lousy spy. Not to mention the fact that even going on mystery shops makes me uneasy. I feel like I have a bright neon sign on me that reads “Mystery Shopper” and all the workers know what I’m up to the minute I walk in the door. I’m a terrible actress. So why did I apply to be a spy? And I couldn’t begin to imagine having to lie to everyone about where I really work. Again, if I’m a bad actress, I’m an even worse liar. (Are they even much different?)

Okay, well, enough rambling about my spy aspirations. I’m off to finish my novel. =)

PS, apparently foreign language aptitude is also a good idea if you want to be a spy, another thing I had to be honest about. Yeah…um…I dropped High School Spanish, so yeah, um..not sure about that month long crash course you want me to take in Ukrainian. After a month I might remember how to say “hello.” Perhaps.

PS…this is another free tidbit for you, because I’m feeling generous tonight (and again, I start rambling incessantly around 10 PM which has already come and gone)….I also thought about joining the Peace Corps once, although I never applied. What is it with me and this urge to travel? Seriously…most people ask God to NOT send them as missionaries, and I’m asking God TO call me. But then I always remember, I stink at foreign languages, and that kind of deflates my balloon. Travel, yes. Live there and starve to death because you don’t know how to speak the language and can’t ask where the grocery store is, no. Well…maybe. We’ll see. Always praying. I’m sure God has something amazing in store, whatever it may be.

Seriously, going to read that book now.

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  1. Becka permalink
    February 18, 2011 10:26 am

    Loved this post and I think you deserve to be freshly pressed. I wonder if there is a nomination process for that?

    Your paragraph about black and white and even painting walls those colors…cracked me up. Sometimes you amaze me at the insight you have into your life. 🙂 Sometimes….

  2. Jay permalink
    February 19, 2011 12:45 am

    CIA spy? Seriously? That’s actually pretty awesome. Did you get an official rejection? Or maybe they wanted you and you rejected them? Or maybe you ARE a spy and this is your cover?

    Funny thing, Becka, I just got “Food Pressed”! Second time!

    • jenmarie permalink*
      February 19, 2011 11:53 am

      If I remember correctly (it was a few years ago) I didn’t ever hear back from them at all…
      I just looked up Foodpress and looked at all their pages and can’t find your blog listed?? Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot…?

  3. Becka permalink
    February 22, 2011 3:52 pm

    Jay – awesome! I can’t find it either though. lol

  4. Jay permalink
    February 23, 2011 9:43 pm

    That makes three of us. I can only find it when I follow the link on my stats page. It was only good for a dozen or so hits. It’s under “BBQ” somehow.

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