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Want to try these items? Sorry, you can’t.

February 7, 2011

Don’t you hate it when you find a favorite product/food and then the company discontinues it? It makes me so sad to think that I will most likely NEVER be able to buy that item again. It’s lost in history and all I have left are fond memories.

Now if you shop at Wal Mart, you will consistently think that your favorite products are being discontinued on a regular basis, thanks to Wal Mart’s penchant for constantly switching up their inventory. I am so serious I am constantly having to switch to new products just because I can’t find them anymore and don’t feel like hunting down the item all over town. Wal Mart must know that I detest change and they are determined to pound it in until I adore the challenge of finding a new favorite product every month. I can’t get attached to anything anymore, because there is no guarantee it will still be there when I need it again.


Anyways, that was a long rabbit trail to say that the other day I was thinking about a snack I used to love (I think about food all the time), called Munch’ ems. More specifically Southwest Salsa Munch’ ems. There is no other chip/cracker out there with a similar taste, and I haven’t been seen them in the stores for years. So I decided to google it, thinking that maybe I could buy them directly from the company. And in doing so I came across this site.

Talk about a depressing site. Here’s a list of everything you can’t buy anymore. The farther down the list you scroll, the more depressing it gets. NONE of these items are available anymore? No matter that I haven’t even tried most of them, it’s just the thought that even if I wanted to, I can’t. Kind of reminds me of the day I was walking through the library and realized I would  never in my lifetime be able to read all of the books that have been written. All that knowledge that I would never be able to gain. That was a sad day.

But not being able to sample all these potentially yummy foods makes me sad too. So I decided to share the sadness with YOU! =)

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  1. Traci permalink
    February 7, 2011 2:53 pm

    My husband and I joke that if it’s good the company will quit making it. I have had to find new hair products because my favorite kind disappeared.

  2. Cheryl D. permalink
    February 7, 2011 3:42 pm

    Occasionally the product comes back. For example, Kellogg’s makes a really good cereal that used to be called Honey-nut cornflakes. They bring it back about every five to eight years or so, always as a “new” cereal and always with a different name. It’s “back” right now, so I bought two boxes, and will buy a couple more next time I go to the store. (This time it’s Crunchy Nut, and they have a Cheerios-type version too, which I didn’t buy.)

    Also, some stores do a good job of carrying hard-to-find items. I find that store in a town, and look there before I determine a food item is currently out of stock. (But alas, Publix no longer carries Rich’s chocoloate eclairs, so they may be gone for good. Sigh.)

  3. jenmarie permalink*
    February 7, 2011 7:10 pm

    Traci – Seriously! Trying to find new hair/makeup products that work the same as the old products is so hard.

    Cheryl – Maybe I will have to keep calling/emailing Keebler every day, and eventually they will bring back my Munch’ ems? =)

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