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Craziness in Cairo

February 3, 2011
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All of the events that have transpired over the course of the last week or so in Cairo have  made me very thankful for two things.

1. That I had a chance to go to Egypt when I did, and also to see things such as the Egyptian Museum before they were looted and subsequently closed to the public.

2. That God kept us safe while we were there, and brought us safely back home. I can’t imagine being stuck there right now.

The thought that we were just there in December is almost unreal to me. To watch videos of the Egyptian police running through the Egyptian museum, guns loaded, and to see broken artifacts lying on the floor is just kind of shocking. I remember walking through the very crowded museum (they are currently building a new museum which will be much larger. As it is now, there are TONS of artifacts crammed together) and trying not to bump into other tourists. Or more accurately, not let other tourists bump into me. The concept of personal space is like nonexistent there, and I am not kidding people will just start pushing you with their bodies, even when there is no place for you to go since others are in front of you. That kind of grossed me out. And amazed me. I mean really, it’s not just gross. It’s rude.

But pushy, no-concept-of-personal-space people aside, I really enjoyed the museum. It was fascinating and I learned so much! So it makes me sad to see people destroying the artifacts. I mean, really, that accomplishes things.

It will be interesting to see what ends up happening over there. I don’t know much about Mubarak at all so I can’t really comment on whether I think it’s better for him to stay or leave. But I do know that it would not be good if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over. I guess we’ll see. I’m just glad that I am here!  The Cairo Airport is not among my favorite places in the world. So I feel so bad for the many people who have been stuck there, trying to get out of the country. I felt relieved to be leaving that airport when we finally got on the plane, and that was without any of this going on.

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