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Take your vitamins, Dr. Jen says so!

February 2, 2011

This post has absolutely nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that being at Renae’s house yesterday made me think of prenatal vitamins (and it also gave me very vivid dreams last night!)

(And as a completely unrelated side note here, if you hear any rumors about Jen trying to finger paint with homemade BBQ sauce at James and Renae’s house, and spilling a teensyish drop on their carpet….Um, that would be just a rumor. A RUMOR. Sheesh, the rumor mill these days, it’s getting out of hand. What will people think up next? 😉 )

Katee came to visit! And this is me trying James' BBQ, and NOT flinging it everywhere 😉

Gasp! What? Prenatal vitamins? Jen???

Shocking, I know. But after months of diligent research, it appears, World, that prenatal vitamins do not, in fact, make one pregnant. Even though most pregnant women are taking them, they are more effect than cause, apparently. And after more research it appears that they are, after all, just vitamins. Vitamins. The things you take to make you healthy. Or smarter (mmmm, perhaps). Those things. So since I’m a huge fan of being healthy (Huge. I never eat things like frozen pizzas or ice cream cones. Ever!) in the interest of health, I figured why not take prenatal vitamins? Or something like that.

Actually, it has nothing to do with health, although that has been a wonderful side bonus (Seriously I have totally skipped all the flus that keep going around, so I’m chalking it up to the vitamins, knock on wood). It’s more about trying to grow out my hair. I figured it was worth a shot, and after all, it’s just vitamins. And vitamins are good for you. So there should be no bad side effects like pregnancy or hair loss or growing extra fingers.

I’m really not sure if it’s helped my hair, since my hair does grow pretty fast on its own, even if it feels painfully slow. (My coworkers are sure it’s the vitamins and even wanted me to buy some for them too!) But regardless I feel healthier just taking them!

So um…the moral would be…go get you some prenatal vitamins and eat up! Mmm yum 😉 Maybe they will even help your hair. Oooh, I just thought of something. People always ask me where I got my red hair, so I think I’ll start telling them prenatal vitamins turned it red. After I go buy stock in some vitamin company, of course.

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  1. Becka permalink
    February 2, 2011 2:03 pm

    When the teens were at my house for the Christmas party last December, one of the girls let it slip that her DAD takes prenatal vitamins. So, apparently, Dr. Jen knows what she’s talking about. 😉

    • jenmarie permalink*
      February 2, 2011 2:06 pm

      Hahahaha that’s awesome. See, I do know what I”m talking about. I always know what I’m talking about! (lol)

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