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Picnik part two

January 5, 2011

Since I am going to a work conference in San Diego on Saturday, I had to take off some time during the week, and so took yesterday and today off. (Which was a super nice way to break in the being-back-at-work-after-Christmas-break thing) Since today’s plans had to be postponed due to one of my friends being sick, I suddenly had a whole day free with nothing planned. It was wonderful! (Not that seeing my friends wouldn’t have been, but we still get to do that soon so it all works out!) So….I decided to head out to Pasadena. I had posted a photo online last night after getting back from Pasadena (see below) and in reading through the subsequent comments, realized that these ugly dresses are a hot item and selling for several hundred dollars on ebay! After I got over my absolute SHOCK, I decided maybe it was worth it to drive back out to Pasadena and see exactly how much this dress was selling for (since neither of us had thought to check then), and thought perhaps I should list one on ebay too! I decided to combine it with a photo trip since there were a few places I had wanted to take pictures of anyways. The dress ended up having a price tag of $199.00 so I decided to pass on buying it and listing it on ebay, but it was a profitable photo trip, so certainly all was not lost.


Hideous, hideous dress. As Christy says, it looks like a size 40 and not a size 4!!


Somehow the "hideous" dress that Christy picked out isn't all that hideous. THIS dress is going for 399.00 on ebay!! Insane.

Okay, so these dresses were the reason I headed out to Pasadena, but I also just strolled along and snapped photos of the gorgeous buildings around old town. There is a clock tower that I always admire from the freeway when driving by, and today I finally went over there to get pictures. I used to call it “that clock tower that reminds me of Italy” but now I know that it’s proper name would be St. Andrew’s Church. Anyhow, it’s gorgeous. And I had fun playing around with Picnik tonight so I’ll put up several variations on things you can do in Picnik. (I used it yesterday to make my photos Polaroid, but hadn’t yet checked out all the photo-enhancing features, which I now know are pretty cool!) The one thing I don’t like about Picnik (versus Picasa) is that it’s web-based and so takes much longer. It just about tried my patience to edit these few photos, so I don’t think I will use it all the time, but it’s fun for now and then. Or if you just have an insane amount of time to kill.


Before photo


Photo with snow - falling from a blue sky! =) (Actually I have seen that before...)



With a "museum mat"



Before photo



Polaroid, text, and Holga-ish effects added



Before photo


Museum mat, and Vignette effect. I feel like this picture needs a quote about time, but I couldn't find any quotes that I liked.



Before photo


With rounded edges



With color boosted

Rounded edges and Vignette



1960s effect



Before photo


Rounded edges, Orton-ish effect


Before photo

Text added and Polaroid rotated

I love Pasadena. I think it’s so photogenic, and with all its cafes, gelaterias, high-end stores, and stylish pedestrians, it reminds me a tiny bit of Europe.

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  1. Becka permalink
    January 6, 2011 9:21 am

    I love your pictures! They were pretty good before editing, but the editing looks great!

    • jenmarie permalink*
      January 6, 2011 3:27 pm

      Thanks =) I have a bunch more pics from yesterday, but I got so tired of going through them all! It was such a nice, relaxing day, and the weather has been so nice!

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