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Wedding photos

December 29, 2010

I’ve been having such a fun time off of work, keeping busy with family and such, that this poor old blog has been quite forgotten about. It’s actually been really nice NOT having to be on the computer all day, and having to squeeze in time to check email at the end of the day. But this rainy weather is forcing me to stay inside today, so I’ll take a break from my reading/eating/Shutterfly-book-making to put up a few pictures from last night’s wedding (my uncle’s wedding).

Last night ended up being a bit of an adventure, but finally we were all down in Newport Beach and the wedding went smoothly enough. The flower girl pretty much stole the show at the beginning. As she walked down the aisle, and then was supposed to head left to stand with the bridesmaids, she went right and stayed with the ring bearer instead. Everyone tried to get her to go over there, but she determinedly stayed with him. So he took her by the hand (he’s 4, she’s 2) and led her over to where she was supposed to be. Then she just followed him back and sat with him. A minute later she decided to start creeping towards the center of the stage and then just crawled right across as the wedding party tried not to laugh. Then she got up and walked right between the bride and groom, at which time the pastor decided to step in and steer her towards the bridesmaids. Her mom called her off stage though and she spent the rest of the wedding sitting with her family. At the end of the wedding she walked back up with the rest of the wedding party and headed down the aisle with the ring bearer, all along the way stopping to pick up the petals she’d dropped earlier and putting them back in her basket.

All in all it was a nice evening and wedding and now all the out of town family is gone and it’s just us again. This week has been so incredibly nice. It’s so wonderful to just do whatever I feel like, and get errands done and such. I could live like this I think. Just spending my days getting my nails and hair done, shopping, running errands, sleeping, reading, in essence just being lazy without any responsibility. Ha. Whenever that big check comes in…I’m still waiting…

Yay cake!

The adorable ring bearer and flower girl


Flower girl starting to crawl across the stage

She was so expressive


As you can tell, this was my favorite part of the wedding =)

At the front of the stage

Hanging her head (in embarrassment?) as she is called off the stage

The ring bearer and flower girl were just too cute

Wedding party

Flower girl playing in front of the wedding party table at the reception

Rings =)

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