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A beautiful end to a soggy day

December 23, 2010

Last night’s sunset was yet another reminder that I really need to carry a camera with  me at all times. And now that I have two cameras, it should work perfectly. Except now that I have become addicted to my new camera, my old camera feels so small and it feels weird that I can’t adjust very many things on it. But I suppose lesser quality photos are still better than no photos at all, so I probably should keep my old camera in my car. I would have loved to have captured that sunset!

It rained practically all day yesterday, and it POURED for much of that time. So I was surprised to walk out of the office last night and find that the rain had stopped, and that the sky was a gorgeous pink and purple, with soft, fuzzy looking clouds scattered all across it. That definitely brought a smile to my face. And then! As I was driving home I saw the SUN! I hadn’t realized just how much I was missing the sun. (I now know I would not survive living year round in Alaska! I NEED to see the sun.)

The crazy driver you saw on the 210 East last night? That would be me. Constantly looking over my shoulder in amazement at the golden sun-lined clouds behind me. I knew that if I took the time to go all the way home to get my camera, I would miss most of the sunset. So instead I opted to just enjoy the moment and not worry about trying to get it on film. Although I would have LOVED to have photos of it. Words just don’t do it justice. The whole sky looked like a painting, with oranges, pinks, purples and yellows, and streaks of clouds here and puffs of clouds there. Clouds always make for a prettier sunset.

I pulled off the freeway and headed up a small hill to get a better look. Parking my car, I walked a few feet away and just stood there, watching the sunset, and listening to the cars whiz by on the freeway below. I stayed until the colors started to fade. A cop driving by stopped to see if I was okay, and then another man stopped a few minutes later, so I decided to stop worrying people and just head home.

What an incredible sunset and a nice end to a very rainy day. It made me smile to remember that God is completely in control and He can always turn anything around and give it a beautiful ending!

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