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Signs of old age

October 21, 2010

You’ve heard the saying, “Old age ain’t for wimps”? Well, it’s true. Apparently.

And apparently 26 is closer to old age than I thought. (When you say it’s more than halfway to 50, it sounds REALLY old)

This fact became apparent the other day as I got up from my laptop to go get headphones from my room. Passing by the bathroom, I realized I needed to go (sorry if that’s too much information. I guess I could have said I passed the kitchen and realized I was hungry. But…it wouldn’t be true. And lie I do not.) After I was finished, I headed back to my laptop. Only to realize that I had gone to get headphones. Back to my room. I made it all the way there this time. And then I saw the overflowing laundry basket. Oh, right, needed to do laundry! Off to the laundry room to do laundry. And I headed back to the computer. Oh yeah, I was going to get headphones. Back to the room again.

And…I couldn’t remember where I put them. Are you kidding me? I finally remembered what I came in for, only to forget where I put them?

No one told me that old age started at 26. Someone should have WARNED me. I wouldn’t have signed up to be 26.

Sigh. It’s a rough life, this getting old.

But actually….actually I like 26. I really do. It’s not too young, and not too old, so therefore it must be the perfect age. =) And…that totally negates what I just said but…they are both true. I’m old. And I’m not. Both are true, just depends on who you ask 😉

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  1. Becka permalink
    October 22, 2010 9:56 am

    I do that all the time at work! Sometimes at home too. And sometimes I have to sit down where I was and go over my thoughts again to figure out why I was going to my desk in the first place! 🙂 It must be the old age. Only explanation.

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