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No peace of mind

October 16, 2010

Blogging about my car and stupid walnuts is NOT my favorite thing to do in the world. I wish no walnuts existed in my car. Or my entire world. Everything would be perfectly happy then in my little bubble. But sadly, that is not the case. They do. At least one of them does. I know this because I can hear it happily rolling from one side of the car to another as I turn corners. It’s mocking me because it knows I can’t get to it.

And that equals no peace as I steer my four wheels around town. Around town. Not to another town, or another state. NO, I am STUCK here. For fear of driving too far, making my engine too hot, and causing that lone walnut to burst into flames. I’m not afraid of death, folks, but I AM afraid of slowly burning to death. It’s one of my greatest fears.

So to say that driving my car around town does not lend itself to peace of mind would be the understatement of the year. Of the decade.  I can’t even enjoy the view of the moon and stars out the window as I drive. All because I have to keep one eye on the lower right window to keep a lookout for telltale smoke.

It’s driving me bonkers. Insane.

So if you ever read in the news about a crazy redhead who was spotted driving a flaming Camry over the side of a cliff, well…that probably wouldn’t be me since I don’t live near any cliffs.

Buuuut…if you hear of a crazy redhead being locked up in the loony bin…that might be me.

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  1. Becka permalink
    October 18, 2010 8:40 am

    lol Too bad there is no such thing as a walnut magnet. 😉

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    October 18, 2010 6:40 pm

    I haven’t heard it lately. So either it’s wedged itself in somewhere, or it has fallen out. I prefer to think the latter =) No more problems lately so I think we’re good. Yay!

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