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Summer Camp 2010

July 13, 2010

Last week we had our annual teen summer camp up in Idyllwild and it was a great week!

We took a big group from our church (69 teens I think?) and several other churches from Southern California and Arizona came as well. We had about 200 teens total.

This year the teams were named after bugs and Mr. Afable and I were the captains of the “Lice.” Although if you just happened by you might have thought Ryan and I were the captains. 😉

Our team, the Lice

We had a lot of fun playing crazy games, but we never won too many of the outside games. We managed to put our other skills to good use though and stay ahead of the second place Mosquitoes.

The preaching was good, as it is every year, and many teens made important decisions and that was a blessing and answer to prayer! I am praying that they keep those commitments! If we all continued to spend as much time in the Bible as we did up at camp, we could have “camp” every day! =)

Our cabin was interesting since we had so many people packed into it! Two of the four nights someone woke us all up by screaming in the middle of the night. I was sure there must be a mouse in their beds with the way they were screaming (2 diff girls) , but nope, just nightmares.

We did have a little frog (toad?) come visit our cabin one night, but thankfully we didn’t ever get visited by a mouse, like another cabin did! I can’t IMAGINE what my girls would have done. They freaked out over just bugs!

Our frog (toad?)

We had fun writing love notes, but nothing as epic as the one we did two years ago. There just wasn’t as compelling a reason this time…

In the middle of the week we had an earthquake. Pretty sure that was a camp first. We did run out of water at camp one year and had to wash our hair with bottled water brought up the mountain. That was an experience I will never forget. And how the water mysteriously came back on as we were getting ready to leave camp. Hmmm…. But I don’t remember ever having an earthquake before.

Camp was fun, tiring but fun. Lots of fun memories!!! =)

Some of the things we did:

1. Ran around and made a mess (actually we were cleaning up here but before that they ran around and made a mess)

Cleaning up after the newspaper/gladiator game

2. Beat up on the boys

Pillow basketball

3. Played crazy games

Big Ball Volleyball

4. Created beautiful marshmallow art

Our Eiffel Tower turned...whatever you want it to be

5. Found unique rocks

Sometimes you just gotta make your own fun

6. Stuffed our faces and took pictures


7. Sat around and looked pretty while we waited for our chance to play

Cheese =)

8. Had heart-to-hearts with that special someone we met at camp

Angel tries to explain why this just won't work after all

Can’t wait till next year. Hopefully it will be even better than this year!

Rest of camp pics

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  1. Katie permalink
    July 16, 2010 3:41 pm


    I had alot of fun being in your cabin this year! Once again, I apologize for the screaming. :/ I hope you can go to camp again next year. 🙂

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