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This makes no sense

June 14, 2010

Thoughts floating around my brain at the moment:

I don’t get how doctors can work tirelessly to save a baby born too early, born with medical problems, etc., and on the other hand take another baby’s life just because his mother doesn’t want him.  Why do these doctors work so hard to save one little life? Do they do it for the mother or the baby? Because if they are doing it for the baby, then what makes this baby so different from the unwanted one? I don’t think I have ever heard a doctor interviewed after successfully saving a baby’s life say that “this mother really wanted this child so we did all we could do.” They usually talk about the child and how it was fighting for life, or how they knew it had a chance of survival and they wanted to do all they could to help him and give him a chance at his future.

One mother wants her child, one doesn’t, and that makes all the difference in the world for that baby’s life.

And yet if this same mother decides she “doesn’t want” her baby (now toddler)  say three years from now, and tries to take her child’s life, or abuses him, or abandons him, it is now unacceptable (and rightly so) and she will be punished.

Same child/same case of “unwantedness” – why is it any different now?

The courts wouldn’t grant this mother the ‘right’ to kill her toddler because she doesn’t want him. So why should she be allowed to kill him when he is even more helpless than he is now?  At least a toddler left on his own would have a chance of survival and could somewhat “fend for himself” temporarily. An unborn baby can do nothing to protect himself/fend for himself. Why in the world should the most helpless of children be killed? And why in the world is this legal?

Makes no sense at all.

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