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Updating finally!

May 14, 2010

Okay, if life happened a little bit at a time I could totally keep up with this blog and it would be nicely updated every day. Either that or if I had my sweet reference job still – I totally take back all the times I complained about being bored!

Anyways…I am so happy it’s the weekend again! I have discovered that the true purpose of weekends is for catching up on life!

I will do my best to catch you up on some of the latest happenings – because I know you all have been dying for this. 😉

I finally after many months got my framed Europe photos hung! I still have more photos that need to be framed, but I am out of wall space and it started getting expensive to frame them all so…the rest will wait till I have my own place again, or something like that…

I had been putting it off since they are the double hang kind where you have to actually measure the back and make sure the nails line up with the hangers and all that. And I am seriously bad at hanging pictures. If it needs just one nail that’s not too bad. You just pound a nail into the wall and hang it and you are done. I don’t even look for studs (horrible, I know). I can’t tell you how much putty I used to fill all the holes in my apartment when I moved out. Thankfully our manager didn’t say anything, but I am sure he was wondering why there were so many badly patched holes in the wall, especially in my skylight! (THAT was a nightmare because I couldn’t even reach most of them, even when standing on my desk. Ha ha I am sure Beck has lots of memories about that skylight and me trying to put pictures up there…and calling her over to help…anyways…) So that was exciting! My dad helped me, otherwise they would still be sitting on my floor.

Last Saturday was incredibly productive, but there is just way too much to go back and update you on all that. Sorry, but just imagine me getting things done all day long because that’s what happened…and laughing my head off at the funny things junior highers come up with. I seriously need to bring pen and paper to those activities because I always forget what they say, but they make me laugh – just like the 2s and 3s…hmmm… Anyways, no pics of that day but Jay has pics on his blog.

The other day I got to see an old coworker from Maranatha! It was so nice to see her again and to catch up on all the Maranatha and library news! We went and got fish and chips at a place they found on the internet and it was sooo good. Cheap too! I will probably be back whenever I am craving fish and chips. I had no idea that place was even there!

The Waddells and I

Mother’s Day happened as well. =) I am not a mother (THANK HEAVEN!!) but I have a mother, duh, so…we celebrated. And the boys bought her cool flowers.  And I took pictures of them.

Cool flowers

Completely unretouched photo - this is what it looked like with the flash on.

Oh and yeah, I reactivated my facebook account. So it went down like this…3 years ago I finally created an account at the persistent urging of a friend (lol you gotta watch those friends, they will do everything to drag you down with them! 😉 ) but shortly thereafter deleted it for a few reasons. A major one being that I didn’t want to be tempted to waste all my time on the internet! Another one being there was a guy whose picture I just didn’t want to see every day lol. And yet another one being I didn’t like the ads that kept popping up on the side. Plus I didn’t want to deal with offending anyone by not accepting them as “friends.” Easier to just say you don’t have one! Fast forward to a year ago….a relative suggested a few times that I get back on facebook so I could see family pics that were posted there. I kept promising that I would create a generic account so I could see pics, but just never did it. So I finally sat down the other day to create an account. And to my surprise it said I already had an account! What? How could that be? I deleted it! Well, apparently you can’t delete a facebook account. You can only “deactivate” it, which is what I had apparently done. So when I logged in, voila, there was my “deleted” facebook account! So…now everyone could see me again! Not my original plan, but okay. I decided to give it another chance. Apparently you can block facebook ads…I deleted some “friends,” and decided to keep a tighter reign on it, not accept everyone’s friend requests, and just use it to keep in touch with old friends…so that’s my facebook story. = ) So far so good…

Oh and kinda random, but I was at Loyola Marymount the other day for work and they have a really nice campus! At least the part I saw…APU needs one of these cool buildings and fountains!!

This was inside the building. It felt like you were outside. I loved it!

Cool fountain/sculpture

So there’s a random sampling of what’s  happened lately.

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  1. May 14, 2010 7:26 pm

    Sounds like you’ve been busy! Your framed pictures look nice on the walls, and your mom got some pretty flowers! I’m glad you’re back on Facebook. I didn’t know you couldn’t delete your account, though I’ve deactivated mine in the past.

    I went to a ladies retreat at Maranatha and then we attended our first graduation there, so now I feel more familiar with the college. That’s neat you got to see a former coworker recently.

  2. Jay permalink
    May 15, 2010 3:11 pm

    What’s the name of the Fish and Chips place? C’mon, Jen, don’t leave out important details like that! The pics of flowers and such are nice, but you should try your hand at food photography, too!

  3. jenmarie permalink*
    May 15, 2010 3:22 pm

    Lisa – I saw the pics of the graduation on your blog! =) I miss that place…
    Can’t wait to see you all next weekend!!

    Jay – I couldn’t remember the name, that’s why =) But I looked it up, Mr. Fish and Chips on Foothill in LaVerne (
    Doesn’t take credit cards apparently…but it’s cheap!

  4. Becka permalink
    May 17, 2010 9:17 am

    I love your hanging pictures. 🙂

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