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Takin’ a trip to…nowhere

August 18, 2009

I need help!  My mom and I are trying to use up our free airline tickets and this is how our conversation has gone so far (over the course of weeks) – in trying to decide where to go.

Me: “Let’s take a cruise to the Bahamas!!! They’re super cheap”

Mom: “Okay”

Me: “Seriously? You want to go? Or better yet, let’s go to the Cayman Islands…or Bermuda!!!!. I’ve heard they’re awesome”

Mom: “Okay.”

Mom: “Actually, I think that’s too expensive, let’s go to Maine.”

Me: “Okay.”

Me: “Or we could just go to Florida and visit fam and not do the cruise.”

Mom: “Okay. Or let’s take a cruise to Alaska.”

Me: “That might take too long, and that’s a lot more expensive. And I’ve been to Alaska already. Well, part of it.”

Mom: “True.”

Me: “Let’s go to Canada!”

Mom: “I’ve already been to Canada”

Me: “Oh. Well, let’s just go to the Bahamas then.”

Me after looking up the cruises again: “All the good ones are gone now, we waited too long. But we could do a 3 day cruise.”

Mom: “I just heard that it’s hurricane season now, I don’t think I want to go on a cruise.”

Me: “But it’s not like it’s our house that’s gonna get damaged, so it might be fun.”

Mom: “I don’t know…We might get seasick”

Me: ” I would hope the cruise line would know to avoid the hurricanes!”

Me: “Let’s go to Boston then.”

Mom: “Okay.”

Mom: “Where is Mt. Rushmore?”

Me: “The mountain with the faces? It’s in South Dakota and I had friends from there, they say there’s NOTHING else to do there.”

Mom: “Okay, never mind then.”

Me: “Let’s take a cruise that leaves from Puerto Rico, then we don’t waste any days at sea.”

Mom: “ummm…”

Me: “Never mind, we can’t fly there anyways. Well, you can, but I don’t have enough miles.”

Mom: “We need to plan our San Francisco trip first before we plan this trip.”

Me: “I found the perfect cruise!”

Mom: “I can’t go then, I’m going to be in Texas.”

Dad: “Did you get our hotel yet for San Francisco?”

Me: “Umm…I couldn’t find one, but I found a cruise that goes to Turks and Caicos, The Cayman Islands, The Bahamas and Mexico!!!!”

Mom: “I don’t want to spend that much money, I’m broke.”

Dad: “Mexico???”

Me: “It’s an island off the coast so….not on mainland Mexico. I think it’s safe.”

Me: “Maybe I can pay for both of us… Or maybe we should just go to Maine…”

Me: “What would we do in Maine? I  mean, it’s beautiful but…”

Mom: “What would we do in the Bahamas?”

Me: “Um…go to the beach and go shopping…idk…”

Me: “So let’s sit down tonight and plan something!!!” (for the 30th time in this weeks long conversation)

Mom: “Okay”

Me: “Let’s go to Rhode Island!!”

Mom: “Okay, I don’t care, wherever…that sounds good”

Mom: “Let’s go to Niagara Falls, the Wilsons just went there and recommended it.”

Me: “Isn’t that in NY? We’ve already been to New York. But we could go to the Canadian side, that’d be cool!” (Can you tell I want to go to Canada?)

Mom: “This is fun, we can go wherever we want!”

Me: “Yeah… I have this feeling that maybe we aren’t going to end up doing anything though, we just like thinking about it.”

Mom: “Oh yeah we will, I’m not letting those tickets go to waste.” (that’s the attitude!)

Me:  “Okay…so are we going to Maine then…or Florida?”

Mom: “I’ve already been to Florida, besides, I don’t think I want to experience a hurricane.”

Me: “So…we’re going to Maine then? What will we do in Maine?

Me:  “MOM! JetBlue is offering a one month fly anywhere pass for 599.00!!”

Mom: “We haven’t even used our free tickets yet!”

Me: “Oh yeah…but still, I think it’s a good deal!”

Brother: “You and mom are going to the Bahamas? That’s cool.”

Me: “Totally.”


But half the fun IS in the planning, so maybe after all this planning I won’t even need to take a trip! 🙂 After all the research I’ve done, I feel like I’ve been around the world already!

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  1. zaza permalink
    August 18, 2009 3:13 pm

    funny convo. thats my family sometimes. ha.

    domestic or international? a place you’ve been to before or a ‘new’ one?

    maine is nice, plenty of “outdoorsy” stuff (kayak, canoe, camping) there was some shopping, (we were just barely north of the border) mansions to tour, and it was free that day we went. really good lobster! it was a cute place. would love to go back…

    Rhode island – of those upper north east places this was my favorite! (besides ny =P)so pretty. cute lil town. stores closed early though…

    myrtle beach, sc – stephens family goes there and it always looked fun. havent been though…

    mystic, ct – i had fun. its a real small town, but they have an aquarium and a Seaport village/museum where you see how they ‘lived’ in the older times and built ships, etc. and like an old town shopping place. great for about two days, but it was quaint. i really liked it. i doubt my family would like it (i.e. mom, dad, marc)

    hershey, pa – chocolate capital, kinda. lol. fun stuff to do – amusement park, chocolate factory, chocolate museum. it’s not very “big” kinda did have a KBF feel. outlets nearby. and you can visit the amish (about 1-2 hrs away, i think, but then you did that already, right?)

    chicago – lots of touristy things, right?

    georgia – coca-cola factory, underground, museums

    i recommend going to i found some good info there.

    PEI! thats on my list of “where i would like to go, but if i cant go i wont be too disappointed”

    you can always go back to FIJI and try snorkeling! haha. what about NZ or Australia…

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    August 18, 2009 3:59 pm

    Thanks for the ideas! I forgot about Hershey, PA. We both have always wanted to do that. Although it would be fun to get a new state out of this trip and we’ve already been to PA…Maybe we could do that and then drive to another state. 🙂
    Yeah, we went to a small Amish area in DE.
    PEI would be awesome too. I was trying to figure out if that would work. 🙂
    I keep telling my dad that we need to do a fam vacation and go to Fiji! Most of us have been there already, but he doesn’t think my mom would like it…
    NZ would be awesome, but we’re trying to use our frequent flier miles, so we only have enough to fly domestic. We could fly to the Bahamas too though…but idk, I’m not 100 % sold on the idea, not sure why…
    If we went to Chicago we’d have to drive up to WI then too! 🙂 Chicago’s fun, but I’m thinking more along the lines of some small, rustic, mountainy place…or seaside. Like RI or ME…And New England in the fall is on my bucket list so… 🙂
    Where in Maine did you go? Rockport or Portland or…?

  3. jaynepomuceno permalink
    August 18, 2009 7:30 pm

    Dallas, Houston or San Antonio for … y’know … BBQ.

    Savannah, GA for the quintessential southern experience. And BBQ.

    New England in the fall is something Brenna and I will eventually do. Not known for BBQ but you can’t have it all.

  4. Becka permalink
    August 19, 2009 6:30 am

    lol Loved this post. Cracked me up. I have no suggestions at this time. West Virginia is REALLY pretty, but I don’t think there is anything to do there. lol

  5. jenmarie permalink*
    August 19, 2009 11:46 am

    Okay so….we booked our tickets!! 🙂 I’ll write about it in a little bit, I’m SOOO excited! 🙂

  6. August 19, 2009 3:23 pm

    Are you going to Niagara Falls? We went there last summer (or was it two years ago?) and would recommend it. Otherwise, visiting friends or family is always fun.

    The smoothies at Target are just $1 this week, since we don’t have a Pinkberry. 🙂

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