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Do Hard Things Conference 2009

July 26, 2009

For my high school graduation in 2o01,  one of my old elementary Sunday School teachers gave me a copy of Joshua Harris’ book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” I enjoyed the book, and when his next book, “Boy Meets Girl,” came out, I got that one as well. But other than reading those two books, I knew nothing about the Harrises. Then last year his younger brothers wrote a book called “Do Hard Things.” I kept meaning to read it, since I knew I had liked their brother’s books, but I just never came across it. So when I saw that they were having one of their summer conferences down in the OC this year, I figured it might be fun to go.  I ended up going down to volunteer on Saturday and then once we were finished with our assignments, we were able to go into the conference. Since I was doing registration, I was able to go in for the whole thing. (Although I did leave early to go meet up with a friend, so I was only there for about half of it.)

Do Hard Things conference 005

Courtney and I doing registration - she totally reminds me of my friend Kelly (at least I think she looks like her)

Their whole premise behind the book “Do Hard Things” and the “rebelution” is that teens today are living “down” to the low expectations that society as a whole has placed on them. No one expects too much out of teenagers today, and they point out the fact that this is a fairly recent trend in society. A hundred years ago (or less) teens (although they were not labeled as such back then) would have been regular contributors to the family by working just like the “adults” did. Today, however, teens are rarely expected to do much except go to school and play video games. The Harris brothers challenge teens to redeem those years and do something for God with their lives. Teens can do so much, and they cite several examples in both the conference as well as the book. So check it out! Or if you live close, you can borrow my copy. 🙂

Do Hard Things conference 013

I picked up a few other books as well and can’t wait to get into them! They had so many books for sale there, I wished I could buy them all!

Do Hard Things conference 011

Me with Zac Sunderland – (I’m wearing the conference t-shirt they had us wear. It’s actually cute in the back.) Had I known he was on the cover of ESPN mag I would have brought it for him to sign! This guy is so lucky! Man, I wish I could sail around the world! Although not by myself…

So anyways, I have to say that after this conference I am pretty impressed with homeschoolers. lol, I know that sounds funny. But I was just thinking about how they kinda get a bad rap sometimes about being nerdy and all that, and I’m sure some of them are. But some of these people totally aren’t. (And I am assuming it’s just the approach their parents take that makes the difference) They are doing amazing things, and are way more mature than some of their counterparts! I don’t think I could ever homeschool kids if I had any… but I almost wish I could, just because they seem so smart and mature and just…impressive!

Even though the conference was geared towards teens and their parents, it was still an inspiration and a good reminder to me. Just because something’s hard doesn’t mean I should back away from it. Taking the easy road is so…well…easy. And comfortable. Which is what I like…being comfortable. But it’s those difficult times that stretch us and it’s during those moments that we really grow. If all we do are those easy, comfortable things that we know we can do….we will never find out just how much we really can do. AND…it’s those moments that stretch us beyond what we think we are capable of that remind us that it’s not about us anyways. And then God can truly show us how powerful He really is!

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  1. July 27, 2009 12:36 pm

    Sounds like a good book, especially since we have an almost-teen in our home. I think kids definitely can do more, and I guess that applies to adults as well. We have to stretch ourselves at times to see what we’re really capable of doing and live up to our God-given potential.

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    July 28, 2009 12:12 pm

    Yeah, it’s a really good book! I definitely recommend it, for anyone!

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