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May 23, 2009

Last night the LBA bball team played a scrimmage down in East Los Angeles (ACA) just to practice once more since they were leaving for ACE convention (in Missouri) today. Wow, they played really well together! It was fun to watch them playing so in sync with each other. At one point we were up by 17 points (and yes, we won), and the other coach was not happy at all – I don’t think they are used to losing. (He kept yelling at his players that it was “unacceptable”) Anyways, I hadn’t been planning on going to the game, but then at the last minute decided I wanted to go and was so glad that I did! If the guys play like that at convention, they will do very well!

I can’t believe I missed the girls’ WHOLE volleyball season! I wasn’t able to make it to a single game! 😦 Every single game was scheduled when I was either working or already busy. Sad. Oh well, I hope they do well and have fun at convention! 🙂

Oh, it was so cool! The other day at work the Dean of the libraries invited my dad to come to an exhibit that was being held for the Board to see (he wanted some area pastors to be able to see it). It was only a one day thing and only a few people (maybe like 15) were invited. He said I could come too, so of course I wanted to! There were so many neat things on display! He had told me there would be 6 Dead Sea Scrolls there, but I was surprised when I got there to see that they were only small pieces. I guess Israel owns most of the larger pieces. They were still really neat to see though! There were also some hieroglyphics and pictographs which were super cool. There was an old Torah, the Great He and She Bibles, as well as a few other original King James Bibles. There were other things like a Billy Sunday baseball card from the 1880s. I didn’t realize baseball cards were so small back then! There were lots of other cool things like that. I didn’t realize until I was walking out the door that I could take pics (there were like 6 security guards there  because the exhibit was worth like 2 mil so I hadn’t thought they would let me take pics) so I only got one of a Dead Sea Scroll piece and then the hieroglyphics.

Dead Sea Scrolls 007

Dead Sea Scrolls 008

Hieroglyphics and pictographs

Dead Sea Scrolls 009Piece of a Dead Sea Scroll. All the pieces on display here were found in cave #4. You can’t read it obviously, but they also had a picture next to each one that was taken with infrared light so then you could see the writing very well – pretty amazing.

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  1. May 23, 2009 8:05 pm

    What a neat exhibit!

  2. Becka permalink
    May 26, 2009 6:55 am


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