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Yea for a sick day!

January 15, 2009

Well, kinda. I really hate being sick! It’s no fun feeling horrible…especially when you have a sore throat. To me that is the worst! But anyways, that’s life… So I am at home trying to figure out a Europe trip  for this summer (which is getting increasingly frustrating! But it’s super exciting…I so cannot wait to go! The world is such an amazing, beautiful place!! When I think of all the beautiful places we have down here, such stunning beauty, I think how much more amazing Heaven must be, ya know?)…and chatting with Beck (who IS at work 😉  ) So at least I am not bored…can you ever really be bored? I don’t know… I have lots of books to read, just started a bio of Sarah Palin…and lots of books to preview for the LBA library. 🙂 Waaay too much fun! 😉

But it is frustrating in that I can check my work email and see all the work piling up as I sit here! Yesterday I ordered 600 books (which took a while!) and I have tons of emails now to go through now! AHHHH, tomorrow will not be fun – if I even make it over there! And we are closed Monday! Seriously you guys, they just gave the selectors the deadlines for ordering, (which is really soon) and so now they are all inundating me with work that they should have been giving me all along the way! 🙂 Sigh…Job security…job security….

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