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Girl Day :)

November 30, 2008

So yesterday was a fun “girl day” down in Newport Beach at Fashion Island. Hannah, Ruth, Natalie and I went down to Katie’s place and met up with her and Monica and then went to the mall. We had fun just walking around (and getting stared at) in all the nice stores, eating (of course), trying on party dresses, taking pics, etc. (and accidentally leaving poor Monica at the mall, on her birthday too!) After that we went to James and Renae’s place and hung out for a while. While they were there, I went and met up with a friend at the Block. On the way back to James and Renae’s (I was still in the parking lot), I got pulled over and was freaking out (okay, not really, but kinda). But he was just telling me that I didn’t have my lights on. (I usually leave my lights on auto so I never had to turn them on or off, but I had turned them off that night and just forgot to turn them back on). So anyways, I was like “you totally scared me” (I thought it was because of my tinted windows, so I rolled them all the way down when he came over) 🙂 Anyways, I better run.



The iPod/iPhone vending machine


Someone told us this is the biggest Christmas tree in CA (it’s real too)


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