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November 11, 2008

I guess I should be posting something patriotic today (I keep forgetting that today’s Veteran’s Day since APU is still open. 😦 ) Anyways, thank you to all our veterans! We appreciate your service for our country! 🙂

An email from a friend today reminded me of something another friend told me and I thought it was so funny! She told me that her 3 year old daughter told her out of the blue that she wanted to go to a wedding. My friend told her that she didn’t know anyone who was getting married. Her daughter then said “Jennifer doesn’t have any kids, maybe she can get married.” I love the things kids say, they always make me laugh! Anyways, I just had to share that.

We had “winterish” weather for about 2 weeks and now they say it’s supposed to warm back up again. Go figure.

My cousin, Daniel, is getting married in a month. I wish I could go…but it’s kinda far away. 😦

Umm…yea, yesterday was amazing! After getting off work at APU, I went home and did NOTHING! It was so wonderful! The whole time I felt like I should be doing something! I can’t even remember the last time I have been able to do that. Seriously, it has been years! Unless you count sick days, which I don’t think count. 🙂 So it was pretty much amazing!

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  1. November 11, 2008 6:02 pm

    I had yesterday off so I had a very relaxing day! I went to the mall with a friend and then hung out at home with James! I love days like that!

  2. James permalink
    November 11, 2008 8:28 pm

    Yeah, since today was Veteran’s Day Applebee’s was giving out free meals to all active duty service people. So I skipped D&B to go to Applebee’s with some of my friends and some upperclassmen. The D&B people are mad now but I don’t really care; it was worth it. I’m sure they will have a nice little talk with me tomorrow at practice.

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