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Do people really believe this?

November 5, 2008

So part of working at APU entails overhearing really dumb comments and conversations between very uninformed students. At lunch I heard one girl talking to someone else and she was saying “this is HUGE (about Barack being elected). It’s HUGE, not just for us but for other countries. Did you see the people in Russia, etc. (she named lots of countries) who were jumping up and down and celebrating? Other countries are excited too.” She went on to imply that this is a great step for civil rights and how other countries are excited about his election and this great step for civil rights. Talk about ignorant! I resisted the urge to say “um, yeah other countries are excited, they are our enemies and now they can come attack us once Obama cuts all our military spending and defense.” I was also thinking “why do you think other countries would be concerned with civil rights? These other countries do things like have fellow countrymen beheaded if they disagree with them. Hmm, not thinking that they really care much about anyone’s civil rights. Sheesh people, get your head out of the sand!

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  1. James permalink
    November 5, 2008 2:04 pm

    We are so excited out here about the election results. I don’t think there is anything else that would make us happier than seeing Obama get elected.

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    November 5, 2008 2:31 pm

    I am assuming that you are being sarcastic.

    I’m happy that Prop 8 passed, amazed that Prop 4 didn’t…How can you think it’s okay to require schools to notify parents when a 13 year old girl is given aspirin at school, but not when she is murdering their grandchild, and potentially damaging her own body at the same time? It is incomprehensible to me! I honestly don’t get it. California is so dumb. At least we got one thing right, but if we can do that, why can’t we get it right in other areas?

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