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It’s almost time for another election night party!

October 22, 2008

With election day just a few short weeks away now, I am so curious to see how things will turn out! Besides the very important presidential election, there are many hot topic issues that each state will be voting on ! In California we have several, including Props 4 and 8. (Parental notification regarding teen abortion and the marriage ammendment).

Prop 8 is huge because this is something that we voted on before and 61% of Californians voted to uphold marriage as between one man and one woman. CA judges decided that it didn’t really matter what we had voted, and they overturned that recently. Now it is once more on the ballot and hopefully we will again say that YES, marriage is between a man and a woman, ONLY! Vote YES on Prop 8!

Don’t forget to go volunteer, vote, and have that election night party! 🙂

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