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So it’s Thursday…

June 26, 2008

..which means I’m here all day again…. Rambling on and on like I do so well…

Can you believe it’s already June 26th? Where is 2008 going? When I think about the fact that camp is in 2 weeks, and then two weeks after that I leave for 9 days in Alaska and as soon as I get in from AK, I fly straight to Maui till August 16th…I realize that my summer is almost over…and it just started! Is that insane or what? I think it’s insane. Crazy insane. I kind of liked 2008, I’m not ready to say goodbye to it just yet. Which I guess is good since we still have 6 months of it. But still.

On a side note the weather is beautiful here again! Beautiful beeeyoutifull!

Where did all my wonderfully brilliant thoughts go? I was thinking them at 4 this morning…now they are all gone. If only I would get up and blog whenever my brain was working overtime… this site would truly be a work of art. 😉

Okay, so now I had a dream about Miriam (A)!! I did. It was scary too! All I remember was some guy with curly blonde hair had given me a lunch he had made (and I think I gave him mine???) and when I opened the sandwich it was all cut crooked (as Miriam pointed out to me) and full of pastrami. And then for some reason we got freaked out and ran in the bathroom as he drove away to do something. Miriam was brave and went out to see what he was doing and then she came back in and told me she had to run and would be gone the rest of the day (I don’t know what it was she saw, but the way she said it was freaky and scared me!) So then I locked myself in a bathroom stall and the guy started trying to come in! And then I woke up! I had another dream too…but I forgot that one.

Anyways…I’m back at the dorm now all by my lonesome, till Hannah gets back from Honduras. So I went grocery shopping last night – the first time in at least a year! It was craziness……I had to look all over the store for the things on my list since I totally don’t remember grocery store layout anymore! But it’s fun, it brought back cooking memories from WI and when I discovered that I love cooking. Not gourmet cooking, just cooking whatever sounds good to me…and learning new recipes…it fascinates me now. I always said I would never get old and boring and do things like stay home and cook, and now I wish I could stay home all day and cook. How lame is that? As if I could eat all that food anyways! Speaking of food, someone at work brought in a whole tray of baklava the other day! It was heaven! I kept eating it!! (trying to get fat!!) But I don’t think bakalva makes you fat, does it? I wish, it’s so yummy! Ahhh food, I think I like it way too much. So unladylike. But who really cares?

This is a random thought but if you are 5 ‘6 are you short or tall? Neither, right? What’s the name for people who aren’t short or tall, they just sorta exist?

You know what has been driving me crazy lately? Well, not crazy, it just confuses me. I keep seeing people that look like people I know and I am like “oh, there’s Mr. B.” And then I’m like “oh, I knew him from WI, so it can’t be him!” I have done that for about like a million people lately. And then I am sad because I wanted to say hi. I guess I could still say hi. It might be kinda awkward…Or I might just end up making a bunch of new friends. (Either that or they will think I am using cheesy pick up lines)…I met a guy named Melvin once. On a train in Philadelphia…Only he thought he knew me. We had some very interesting conversations!!  That was an all around interesting trip…there was the guy who tried to sell me pirated DVDs…trying to hide some of them and show me others. Mhmmm…you can bet he got one of my famous speeches…I told him he needed to go to church and read the Bible, among other things! 🙂

Subject change..again..

Kristen had this fun post on her blog a while ago. She had everyone send in one word and then she wrote a story using all the words that people had sent. Isn’t that cool? What a great way to encourage “reader participation!” Getting people to read your blog doesn’t seem to be so much of a problem as getting people to step out of their bubble and into the “comment leaving world” as one friend put it. Should I do that? Write a story with people’s comments? Or should I just add my own comments and then use them for a story? 😉


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  1. Becka permalink
    June 26, 2008 1:44 pm

    So, I totally know what you mean about wanting to say “hi” to people you know, or rather think you know. I see someone and I get all excited and then I realize that they live in California, or Wisconsin, and then I’m like, “Why in the world did I think I would see them in DELAWARE?” lol

  2. MIriam permalink
    June 26, 2008 2:59 pm

    Well Jen, I’m just glad that I wasn’t the bad guy in your dream! I’ll be seeing you very soon!!

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