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June 25, 2008

The library has been pure craziness these past few days! Summer Reading Club is eight weeks of absolute madness, and the smart people know to put in early for vacation during that time! My vacation time is coming…if I can hold on that long. Okay, it’s not that bad…it’s just insanity. But for the most part it  makes time go by incredibly fast. 

SRC means giving out tons of new library cards…looong lines…hordes of kids racing up the stairs to go to some wacky lizard event or painting class, handing out dozens of band-aids, lots of unsupervised children who like to get into trouble…and the random child who gets his hand stuck in the automatic doors (and whose father comes in later to complain about it) – but seriously though, shouldn’t it be the parents’ responsibility to watch their own two year old? Who lets their two year old child wander off by himself and then gets mad at the library when he sticks his hand in the door? But that’s our society today, blame everyone else when something goes wrong. Of course it is never their fault. (Side note: they also like to accuse us of trying to get more money out of them because we removed our limit on number of items allowed at check out. Yeah, we were in the back trying to think of ways to increase revenue and “ah hah! let’s let them check out as much as they want and hope they bring it all back late!! Evil laugh.” We don’t even get to keep that money, it all goes to the city, but of course it’s pointless to try and explain all that)

But anyways…6 more weeks…

Have I written about the cat lady yet? She came in today while Matt and I were on the desk and I told him that we should beat her to the cat joke today and tell her our own. What’s the best kind of cat? A DEAD one! (Okay cat lovers, I don’t really think that) She is insanely in love with cats! I can’t even imagine what her house must be like! Every time she comes in she has to tell whoever is at the desk a cat joke. And often it’s the same one! And so you give her the courtesy laugh and hope she moves on. One time she came in and told me that her cat sent us a “warm purr.” That really touched my heart! Her cat loves us! Sweet!

 Okay, my coworker just came and told me that she had a lady today who while filling out a library card application told her she didn’t know her gender (for the gender box on the application). My coworker laughed because she thought she was kidding and the lady glared at her and repeated it. My coworker told her, just put “female.” (those are the kinds of weird people we get!)

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  1. scott kirkland permalink
    June 25, 2008 5:33 pm

    Just thought you should know…”gender” refers to masculine or feminine words in various languages. “Sex” is the term to use when identifying male or female. Just me being persnickety again!

  2. Carleton Place Public Library permalink
    June 25, 2008 5:34 pm

    We get a lot of people who don’t know what the “M” on the library card application is for. (Hint, it goes right before your name and tells us the gender…..)
    We don’t just have a cat lady….we have a lady who brings in her actual cat, and several women who like to bring in their dogs. And they seem a bit miffed when we say we don’t allow animals in the library. And the thing is, they do it repeatedly, as if maybe our rules have changed since they were in last.

  3. jenmarie permalink*
    June 25, 2008 10:15 pm

    Hey Pastor Kirkland! Well, she only had the choices of “F” and “M” so… (and that wasn’t the only weird thing she said!!!) 🙂 But okay… 🙂 Will I see you guys at camp this year?

    CPPL – aren’t library patrons fun? They certainly add color and uniqueness to the day, you just never know what you are going to get! 🙂

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