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June 21, 2008

It’s another APU day….

It’s been so HOT here in SoCal the past few days! At least for the most part it has been cooling off in the evenings, although last night it stayed very warm, making it hard to sleep! Today is supposed to be in the 100s again.  Next week looks like it will be a little cooler, high 80s. I’m so ready to be in Alaska!

I filled up my truck today…86.13! Anyone beat that? It’s so insane! I remember when gas was down to 97 cents a gallon! (okay, so that was years ago, but still…) Maybe I should move to the Middle East so I can pay 25 cents a gallon? Or maybe I will just stay in Alaska when we go in August and I will do a little drilling myself…. Since the government can’t seem to figure it out…Anyone want to join me?

Hey, Jackie, I had a dream about you last night…you and Brittney Lepporacci! 🙂 You came to California and I ran into you down at Fashion Island. Only at first you were Brittney, then you turned into yourself. 🙂 Anyways, we took pictures together too, wonder if I can find them somewhere… 🙂 Lol, it was a weird dream, but that’s all I remember.

So I decided to familiarize myself with the online databases that the library subscribes to, and came across a GreenFile database that I thought would be amusing. I typed in “impact of humans” to see what results I would get, and the first one was “Ski tourism affects habitat use and evokes a physiological stress response in capercaillie Tetrao urogallus: a new methodological approach.”  Haters!  What kind of insensitive excuse of a human being would go skiing, knowing full well that he is causing the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus to stress out? I mean, really! I wonder if snowboarders are a part of this as well? Actually, if there wasn’t so much snow in the winter, it probably wouldn’t be so tempting of an idea to go skiing. I guess maybe global warming isn’t such a bad idea after all…I mean, it might help protect the caperskjgnrtbhxqyatlknhts from stressing and that would be a such a postive thing for Mother Earth!

Since I had no idea what Capercaillie etc. etc. was, but it sounded pretty important, I looked it up. (It’s a type of European grouse) I honestly had no idea that ski tourism was causing grouse to stress, now I feel really bad for thinking about snowboarding…I almost was a part of all that! I better tell my brother, I’m sure he wouldn’t be going either if he knew. After all, we can’t have stressed out grouse…it might make it harder to hunt them, ya know? 😉 The things people get paid to research these days… I gotta find a way to get in on it! 🙂

I have to say it…Environmentalists are wacko…I am so not PC,  I know it…and I really don’t care! Everyone at GPL is all gung ho on getting rid of plastic bags and saving the environment. (“doing our part” as they put it). Sorry, but I am still trying to figure out how not using plastic bags to carry books is going to cool down the Earth. My brain is slow, but I just don’t see the correlation. Can I just point out an observation…all those corporations who are cutting out conveniences to “go green” are really getting the best of both worlds! They get their praises sung by naive consumers who are getting the bad end of the deal, and they save TONS of money by not having to buy things like paper towels and plastic bags! So I could be wrong on that, but it seems to make sense to me…and I happen to like plastic bags by the way! And I also happen to think that this world is not overflowing with garbage and we are not running out of room for landfills… Have you ever driven through Nebraska? Or even Central California for that matter. I have found lots of wonderful places to set up land fills, no one has ever asked me though. 🙂

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