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Yea :)

June 18, 2008

Yea yea the Lakers lost, sorry Mr. H. and Danny… and anyone else who was cheering for them. Finally! They stretched that series out long enough. 🙂

Yesterday the whole family went out to lunch (our schedules never coincide anymore so that never happens anymore) since James was leaving. I had to leave early to get to work, so I left the camera in case they wanted to take pictures. I knew what would happen, crazy pictures, since that always happens if my camera (or any camera) and Tom are within 50 feet of each other.

Wow, the weather has been HOT! I wish I was up in Big Bear with the fam! I’ve already taken too much time off work though, so I didn’t even try to get it off. I’m having such a nice summer already and I haven’t even had any of my vacations! Work has been crazy busy with all the kids for the summer reading program, but that makes the time go by faster so it’s okay. Plus since Suji is in India for 6 weeks and Matt is on vacation this week, there is tons more for me to do! I like staying busy though so it’s good!!! Today I had a kid come up and ask me (I thought) “is the Bengal’s game over yet?” I was thinking “hmmm, it’s not football season…” and then I was like “maybe he said “bingo” even though I hadn’t even heard of us having a bingo game going on….I guess I need to get my hearing checked! Eeewww…. the Papas guy came in today (or whatever his last name is). I had totally forgotten about him till I saw him and had to help him. 😦 The last time I had him (he’s such a flirt, in an annoying way) he handed me his library card and then when I went to take it, he pulled it back. Then he put it back out for me again and again pulled it away when I tried to take it. When he finally gave it to me (I was very unamused by this point) he rubbed the palm of my hand with his finger as I took the card. I wanted to punch him!! I still do! Grrr… (not in that way Miriam, Beck – lol) Okay, I could tell more “creepy guys at the library” stories, but I won’t, at least not today. 🙂

Hey, check out MBBC’s site for pics of the flooding out there, it’s crazy! I wonder if the river by my old apartment is overflowing…I bet it is, it used to get pretty high when we were there! Aww, I miss my little apartment! Fun memories!

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  1. Becka permalink
    June 23, 2008 9:20 am

    Lol I love Tommy’s shirt.

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    June 23, 2008 2:05 pm

    Ryan got that for him! I like it too! (esp since I like Scrabble!) 🙂

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