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The Lying Liar, Al Franken

June 8, 2008

So this was not a post I was even thinking about writing till I saw some headlines online and was amazed. The fact that Al Franken has won the Democratic nomination for Senate in MN is sadly shocking. I guess I really shouldn’t be shocked, but I still am. Do people really know who this guy is? I guess I could ask that about many of the people we elect into office, but I only hope and pray that incumbent Norm Coleman will be able to hold on to his Senate seat come November! The thought of Al Franken as Senator scares me! Sure he’s way over in Minnesota and thankfully I won’t have to claim him (Boxer and Feinstein have been more than enough) but still, these are the people who are running our country and they don’t seem to be leading it in a good direction!

 Franken has been very vocal about his opposition to Operation Iraqi Freedom, yet he at first supported the war, same as most other liberal Democrats including Clinton and Obama. I won’t even get into all that! If you were for it at one time, then keep your mouth shut and let us finish the job, pulling out in the middle (as Barack said before he changed his mind and was against it) would not help anything, and if you would stop listening to the biased media, maybe you wouldn’t be so brainwashed into thinking nothing has been accomplished. Try and tell that to the liberated Iraqis who are so thankful we came! For the most part all that has been portrayed through the media is isolated cases of hatred for the United States. It’s sad they won’t show all the successes, but I digress.

An excerpt from MSNBC – “Franken’s show of strength came as something of a surprise after a rocky few weeks in which some Democrats, led by U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, criticized a racy column he wrote for Playboy magazine in 2000 and, earlier this week, joking comments he was reported to have made about rape that were included in a 1995 New York magazine article about “Saturday Night Live.”

Later on in the article the leader of the feminist caucus of the MN Democratic party said the group was willing to look past salacious material from Franken’s past that some have considered degrading to women.

At the time he didn’t realize how it would affect him later in life,” Stevenson said. “He wouldn’t do it again today.” 

Okay, so he wouldn’t do it again because he doesn’t want it to ruin his political career? That’s really nice, how sweet of him to be so thoughtful! Please! He said and did those things because that is who he is and he “won’t do them again” because he is thinking of himself and doesn’t want to create more problems for himself, NOT because he loves women and is really not like that. He is still like that, he is just going to cover it for political gain. How do people not see through things like this? I know, they don’t want to see it. But still…this is our country, people, these elected officials make the laws, and we have to live by them. Let’s elect people who will make decent, sensible laws, not idiots who make ridiculous laws and let all our murderers and child molesters go free. Do you ever wonder why we elect the people we do when you see the laws they pass? It just doesn’t make any sense. I hope Minnesota Republicans, independents, anyone will think things through when they go to vote!

PS, check out Franken’s record on not paying taxes. Why is it these people don’t follow the rules that they create for everyone else? Interesting… I love how they are so quick to raise our taxes. I guess they have to in order to cover for all the big name Democrats who don’t pay taxes, sad. And as Al Franken said, “The Democrats love poor people more than Republicans do.” Um, right. You love them while you take all their money. Do I need to point out that Republicans give way more of their income to charity than do Dems? Google that.


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