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June 3, 2008

Today was craziness, but I got most of it accomplished so I am happy! I had a million things to do before going to work, including washing the green machine (like that Tom?) and getting my oil changed/tires rotated, exhilarating stuff like that! Now if I can finish up the rest of it in the morning before work again that will be awesome! I tend to procrastinate on those things till it all piles up and I can take one day (or morning) and get it all done. Well, with voting you tend to only get one day to do that…so it’s not like I procrastinated on that….I don’t even know what I voted for. Well, I do sorta – I know we were voting on eminent domain – but other than that, my parents did the research as far as who to vote for for Senate and stuff like that and I just copied them since I trust their judgment 🙂 …the only name I even remember from voting is Sonny Sardo because his name sounds cool! Other than all my errands, today was just work all day till 9. Work has been interesting since our office is all torn up since they are repairing the wall from when we flooded (back in Jan!!!)…so trying to work has been challenging to say the least. We all play musical desks, working around others’ schedules to use their desks. 🙂

Let’s see…there have been a million things that I have been meaning to put on here, but there is never enough time! I remember someone telling me once that they didn’t know what in the world they would talk about if they had a blog. I just laughed, my only concern has ever been that I would never have enough space for it all. I know, I talk way too much. I really do. Which is weird…but I blame my parents. They taught me to talk at a really early age. Then they say they spent the rest of the years trying to get me to shut up. So it’s their fault really. 🙂

I was thinking today as I watched people come in and out of the library – I wish there was some way to really convey on my blog just how weird our patrons really are. They are honestly….just…weird…there really isn’t a better word…well, maybe…abnormal? I don’t know… You will just have to take my word for it. Imagine the weirdest person you can think of (you will probably have to make up this person, I doubt you have ever seen them in real life) and minus points if you are thinking of me right now. 😉 Now magnify this person’s weirdness by, oh say, five times to be generous, and there, you have a real live GPL patron! I must say that we do get a handful or so of perfectly normal people that come in. The people who come in and check out normal books and CDs… the ones who don’t look like they just crawled out from under a rock…the ones who don’t spend 8 hours at the library (except for those of us who are paid to be there). While I love my library enough, I cannot imagine spending all day there without getting an official looking envelope in my inbox twice a month! I love learning just as much as the next person…well, almost…but there have to be limits… Of course a lot of these semi-permanent residents fall into the catergory of “I just got dumped at the library because my parents are too cheap to get a babysitter.” Honestly… Today one of the managers had a kid call his parents to come pick him up because he was only 8 and you have to be at least 9 to be at the library without adult supervision! Personally, I would make the age 18.  🙂 (I’ve seen way too much!)

But anyways, enough of this, I need to go eat! 🙂 Good night, sweet dreams you all! Speaking of dreams! I totally forgot, I have to put my weird dream on here, one of these days, if I don’t forget it.

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