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My day at APU

May 23, 2008

So when I got to APU yesterday the chair of the library (or whatever she’s called) comes and tells me she has a new Reference Instructor (that’s what we are called now. I liked “Adjunct Faculty” better, I felt more important when I was called “Faculty”) that she wants to work with me, so I can “show him what I do at work.” Hmmm, I usually email, blog, and read my Bible so…that shouldn’t be too hard. Although I doubt that’s what she has in mind. She tells me she has some websites she wants me to have him look at.  And then she doesn’t waste any time introducing us and having him start right in. So I spend the better part of the morning making small talk with some guy I have actually seen around campus a lot, but never met before. After a while I just want to check my email and stop answering all his questions (I can only handle so many at a time!)…Not questions like “where do we keep the compressed air so I can clean the keyboard?” but questions like “what is your favorite fiction book?” Or, “what would you say your favorite state is?” Or…”What do you do on the weekends?” Or “Can I get you something when I go to lunch?” Etc, etc… Enough being friendly for me…I had lots of important things to do, like checking my email. 🙂 After a while he was reassigned to the theology library (freedom again)!! 20 minutes later this guy comes up with a page ripped out of a magazine. You know those pages that advertise perfumes and have the little folded edge with perfume in them? He asks me to smell it and describe it to him. He tells me all he can think of is “lovely” (which, incidentally is actually the name of the perfume). So I smell it for him, somewhat hesitantly (all I can think of is that email forward that warns about guys who will ask girls to smell perfume so that they can actually knock them out with some odorless gas and then kidnap them..but we are in the middle of the Darling Library so… maybe it’s okay) I tell him the only word I can think of is “beautiful.” The perfume actually doesn’t smell all that great to me, and when he finds that out, he says, “but you said it smelled beautiful.” “Well, I thought you wanted words to describe it?? I didn’t think “gross” would help much.” He said one girl told him it smelled like a 1950s jazz cafe. Wow…I wasn’t even born yet so I really wouldn’t know… And while I am talking to him I am wondering “can I count this as a reference question in my stats? How would I even describe it? Marketing major needed help accurately describing product for campaign. I suppose that would work, since that was basically what it was, I think. Then half an hour later he comes back and wants to know if I watch Sex and the City…Um, that would be a definite “no.” But I help him find the actress’s name nonetheless, that’s what we librarians do. 🙂 I am considering myself a librarian when I work at APU. 🙂 That’s why I get the big bucks (kidding), to answer hard questions like these! Two…two questions in six hours….that would equate to 75.00 a question…I’ll bet he had no idea his questions were so important!

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  1. Becka permalink
    May 23, 2008 1:40 pm

    Sounds like an interesting day! Today this guy came in the library in one of the biker outfits (bicycle, not motorcycle) and he wanted to get on the computers. He was from CA! He had rode his bicycle all the way from CA. He said that he is heading to Boston and then he will fly back to CA. All I can say is “Wow, he really likes bike riding!” lol

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    May 24, 2008 9:44 am

    Wow,that’s awesome! Where in CA was he from? I want to go to Boston to visit Jackie!

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