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Back to the library finally!

May 8, 2008

Last weekend when I was up in Ventura, my brother texts me and says “Jason got fired.” Yea, finally! Is that mean? Maybe, but now it is peaceful at work again! Everyone is so happy! It means more work for the rest of us since we have to cover his desk hours, forum setups, etc, but it is well worth it! I don’t mind the extra desk hours, and now that James is on there with me it is even more fun. 🙂 Last week Miss Bonnie turned 70 and she had been telling everyone how she was going on a Harley ride down Glendora Avenue for her 70th bday. So on her birthday, around lunchtime, our secretary’s husband brought his Harley and took Miss Bonnie on her ride. (Miss Bonnie has been doing story time for kids for years and works in the development office. She is a much beloved icon in the community and her storytimes are aired on Glendora cable. 🙂  ) She was all decked out for her ride with leather pants, jacket, doo rag, and lots of fake tattoos. After we watched her take off, some of us went back inside and James and I covered the circ desk so two others could go outside and see. Not five minutes later guess who comes in? Mrs. Patron from hell! She has got to be the nastiest patron yet, and everyone agrees! She is just horrible! Since it was just James and I on the desk, nice person that I am, I decide to intercept her so he doesn’t have to deal with her! 🙂 Smart move… She walks straight up to the computer where he is busy doing something. She plops her purse down and starts digging through it. So I walk to the next computer and say, “I can help you right here.” She glares up and me and continues digging. I wasn’t sure if she heard me so I say again (in the nicest possible voice since I know who this woman is) “I can help you over here.” She looks up again and says, “I’m busy right now, so you can just WAIT.” And she glares at me for a few seconds before saying sarcastically to James, “so YOU aren’t working today?” So I say, “he’s in training so that’s why I can help you.” She totally ignores me and hands James her card and says that she has a book on hold. He gives her the book and she says in a patronizing voice, “you did a very good job.”  Then she went and complained about me! 🙂 The first time I had heard about her, I had no idea who she was. Sujata told me that when Mrs. McC came in the first time and Sujata told her “I can help the next person in line” as the last patron was leaving. Mrs. McC came up and said “what did you want me to do, jump on her (the patron who was leaving)”?” She is just always nasty and she has this evil smile! I could tell a few more stories about her, but you get the point, she’s horrid. Everyone who has dealt with her has had problems every time! And I thought Grumpy Old Man was bad! I would take anyone over her!

A few weeks ago when I was on the desk a boy came up to return a late book. When I told him it was .20 cents, he pulls off his tennis shoe and starts digging around in it. Finally he turns it upside down and a quarter rolls out. I definitely went and washed my hands after that, although that wasn’t as bad as one lady I had years ago. She pulled two sweaty, soggy bills out of the front of her shirt to pay a fine! Talk about being grossed out!

A few weeks ago I mentioned a meeting with my boss that ended up with some changes that I had been wanting – one of those changes was my basically swapping roles with another coworker. Pretty much things had been backing up in her dept. and since I had worked that job before he knew I could handle it. Since copy center doesn’t entail much, she got that job. I am so happy with the switch, I love it! One of the things that I was happy to give up was dealing with Xerox about our copy machines. I remember the last time I had to call them because our office machine (a huge, awesome machine!) had stopped sending automatic meter reads and so I was having to manally submit them. I was finally transfered to the head IT guy who was so funny. I’m not sure he was trying to be funny, but every time he would put me on hold he would say, “Stand by.” Even if I wasn’t on hold he would tell me to stand by. He must have told me that at least 40 times while I was on the phone with him. I kept feeling like we were going to blast off any minute. I wanted to ask him if he used to work for NASA, but I didn’t.

There is a full time job at APU that my supervisor here (at APU) wants me to apply for. I am not sure if it is a job I want, so I have been praying about it. I am going to put in my application today, so please pray for me that whatever God wants to happen will happen! There are so many people I would not miss at all if I left GPL, but there are a lot I would miss! Especially my fan club, they are so cool. 🙂 I had some lady come up to me the other day (I didn’t even recognize her) and the first thing she says to me is “oh good, I’m glad you haven’t cut or colored your hair.” Then she goes right on to ask me about a book. It was so funny. One of my coworkers teases that she hates working the desk with me because people always like my hair and not hers, so I kinda feel bad when people want to come up and talk about my hair. A few months ago my supervisor came back to my desk and told me there was someone who wanted to see me. Since it was the day before my birthday I thought maybe it was because of that. Then as we are walking out together he looks at me with this funny smile and said “she wants to know where you get your hair cut.” It was kinda awkward walking out there where this lady and her husband are standing and she’s like “oh hi, I love your hair and wanted to know where you get it cut.” Then she has me turn around so she can see it better, it was so funny. I don’t remember ever even seeing her before. After that my coworkers kept teasing me and telling everyone. (I can’t tell you how many times I have ended up giving hair advice while checking someone’s books out to them! It’s so much fun! And my hairdresser should pay me a commission with all the people I have sent to her!) So I will miss all those people who are nice and make each day happier… The people who inspire me to keep my hair long and curly. But not the grumpy, nasty people who aren’t happy no matter what you do for them! But we’ll see, maybe I won’t get the APU job.

Well, there are the few stories I remember off the top of my head right now!

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  1. May 8, 2008 12:42 pm

    Funny stories! The coin in the tennis shoe would have grossed me out! 🙂

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