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Library stories

April 30, 2008

I know I promised library stories soon and I haven’t forgotten, I have them. I have just been so busy and this week isn’t going to get any better. But they will be here, eventually – I am collecting more every day. 🙂

Today was graduation at PBC, and my parents made it. I didn’t realize they flew in last night at like 11 or something. I will post the only picture of graduation that I have later (okay, except the one of Ryan and me that really has nothing to do with graduation other than the fact that we took it there…) After graduation Ashley, Alvin, Hannah, Dustin, Eric, Thomas W.,Daniel H. and I all went to Panda Express for lunch before I ran to work. (my fortune promised me lots of luxurious things.)  🙂 So that was pretty much my day, now I am at APU -for 15 more minutes and then over to my family’s house to say hi and pick up some books I ordered. 🙂 Still not sure what I am doing this summer – staying in the dorm or moving back home. Pray for me and for decisions regarding that – it’s more complicated than it should be. 🙂

The lighting is really weird in this pic… James (not my brother James :), Ruth and I

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