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I love America!

April 24, 2008

The other day at work a coworker made a comment that really bothered me! (Her family came to India when she was young and she has dual citizenship in both countries.) She was talking about someone she knew who had been laid off from his job once his employers found out he had ALS. When I said something about how sad that was, she said, “yes, that’s America for you, it’s terrible here.” It is true that America certainly has her problems, and the more she turns away from God the more prevalent those problems will be, but she is still the greatest nation on Earth! I would challenge you to find a country who gives as much to foreign countries as we do. A country that rallies together as much as America does when tragedy strikes.  A country that people are flocking to for refuge and freedom as much as they are to America. A country that gives you freedom of speech even as you burn the flag and decry the hands who give you your food stamps. A country where you can worship in whatever “religion” you wish. A country where one can still dream and see those dreams come true.  True our country has kicked God out of a lot of public places, and she is paying for that with the lives of today’s generation. She has devalued human life, has valued a woman’s “rights” more than the rights of an unborn baby and she will answer to God for that! She has ridiculed God and slandered His holy name by mocking Him through movies and songs. She has made a lot of bad choices and unless she repents there will be a price to pay. But in spite of all that, God has still blessed her – maybe for the few righteous who are still left? Maybe because He says He will bless those who take care of Israel? And to this point we are still friends with Israel… I don’t believe God will bless America forever if she does not turn back to Him, but I do still believe this is the best nation on earth for countless reasons! I love America and thank God for those who have given their lives to defend and protect her! And I would say, if you don’t like it here, you are always free to leave. We are not North Korea, no one is forced to stay here. If it is really as bad here as you say it is, then maybe you would be happier somewhere else.

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  1. Becka permalink
    April 25, 2008 12:08 pm

    Well, said. What more can I say? 🙂

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