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Yea for no more school!

March 28, 2008

As I sit here and watch students go by, hunched over with mountainous backpacks weighing them down, I don’t miss school one bit! As I see them trudge by, looking like they haven’t slept in days, hands full of tightly-clutched papers and Starbucks lattes, I sit here and reminisce about my time in school – first undergrad and then grad school…. Was it really 7 years ago that I started college as a just-turned-17 year old? Time sure flies! Okay, so 24 isn’t really that old, but 17 feels so far away! College was fun, with all the parties and baseball games and fights over the heater… and shopping trips and class with Dr. Cantrell – the coolest teacher ever who took us all to Starbucks on the last day of school and PAID for it! Our senior trip to Arizona…(my first time at Famous Dave’s!)… unique projects for Pastor Kirkland and Dr. Cantrell’s classes (remember hitting berries out of trees in Brittany’s yard?)… Mr. Voges buying pizza for us all when his cell phone went off in class….okay, I could go on all day… Then that long-awaited day, graduation! To finally be finished, after all those countless papers and tests! Freedom at last! Well, not for long though… Then it was off to Wisconsin for graduate school! Of course it got off to a good start with a nice long road trip! I have to say I really do love road trips! I have no idea why… maybe since now a road trip doesn’t have to mean being trapped in the back of a hot van with four brothers who like pulling your long hair as it drapes over the back seat… I used to dread road trips, but now I love them! But I digress…. So off to WI for 2 more interesting years of school! More long days of work and class and homework! And this time throw a little snow into the mix to add to the fun! No more days of sitting in the back yard sunning as I study for a midterm! You just can’t study as well when you are cramped up in a sunless room for hours on end! Somehow we survived…barely. 🙂 The memories from grad school though are priceless! Some of the things we went through while we were there, I don’t know how we Southern California girls did it, but somehow we did. We made some amazing friends and had a really good church so that helped. That didn’t change the insane weather any, but I guess it helped us put up with it. I can’t believe almost a year has gone by now since I graduated with my masters! It is so wonderful to think that if I never want to take another class in my life I don’t have to! I can just let all those 19 total years of school go completely to waste as I let my brain rot out of my head! Okay, well…. it’s nice to be finished anyways. There were days where I never thought I would make it, but here I am! Finished and wonderfully FREE!

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  1. March 28, 2008 1:09 am

    I’m glad to be finished with school too! It must have been difficult to survive the Wisconsin winters when you were used to sunny California. 🙂 This winter has been the longest, with over 100 inches of snowfall, and more snow on the way.

  2. jenmarie permalink*
    March 28, 2008 4:16 am

    Yes, it was crazy! I was like “what am I doing here?” But it was fun though, I’m glad I did it!
    100 inches? That is insane, poor Danny! My friend is back there for the first time at MBBC and he’s a total CA guy so I don’t think he’s enjoying it any more than I did! Wow, I hope you guys get some warm weather soon!

  3. Becka permalink
    March 28, 2008 11:11 pm

    Oh, man, that post was written almost like a book and I loved it! And all the memories it brought back! That was soooo fun and funny, hitting those berries off Brittany’s tree! Man! All the good times! And you are so right about WI being way too cold! I also love being out of school, though those two years in WI were fun in spite of the weather.

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