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Video Scavenger Hunt

March 16, 2008

Today after visitation we had a video scavenger hunt for the youth group. It was a lot of fun, as they always are, but our team had some setbacks right away! Mr. Wilson and Mr. Wilson (Craig and “Mr. Wilson”) 🙂 were in the church van with most of our team and I was driving behind them with S.J. and Sarah. We drove all the way to San Dimas Canyon, all the way up to where we were going to film, when they realized that our video camera wouldn’t turn on! We had to drive ALL the way back to church! When we got there I got instructions to drive back to San Dimas to Vince’s house and pick up his video camera. So Ashleigh and I drove back there while the rest of the team filmed on the church stage using our regular recording stuff that we use for church. When we got back with Vince’s camera we had to charge the battery since his was totally dead. By then we realized that the DVD we filmed with the church equipment wasn’t going to work since the guys didn’t really know how to work the equipment at the sound booth. So…we had to refilm that one as well! We ended up not having enough time to finish the whole list, and we certainly didn’t win, but it was still fun. And thankfully it didn’t rain until hours later!


Ryan being our youth leader in our Core Group rapture scene


SJ being “Bigfoot”


Tara and Sarah filming our “Breaking News” story

The rest of the pictures are in the Video Savenger Hunt link

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